Trends in Employee Beneftis

2021 Trends in Employee Benefits

In industries like fashion and music, changes and trends are expected, celebrated and ultimately inevitable. While these are the most common industries known to thrive off of change, they are not the only ones. The employee benefits industry is no stranger to change. Trends in employee benefits may be far less talked about, but they often reflect changes in society and technology. 

A large part of running a successful business is listening to your employees. Benefit trends are driven by a shift in needs. In 2018, the thought of working remotely full-time was almost taboo. In 2021, work from home benefits are considered common benefits for employees.

When the world changes so should your benefits. 

With a new generation hitting the work force and a world filled with unprecedented times some benefits strategies have become outdated rather quickly. 

Does your business have today’s most common benefits for employees? Check out these three 2021 trends in employee benefits:

Telehealth is one of the most important employee benefits for 2021. 46% of patients now say they use telehealth for some visits, compared to 11% in 2019. And 48% of physicians now say they are treating patients via telemedicine. Healthcare has been forced to accelerate its adoption of telemedicine due to these unprecedented times. It’s vital that your benefits plan addresses this fundamental change in the way patients and healthcare providers interact. Importantly, telehealth providers are not all the same, much like traditional healthcare providers.

Mental Health Support
The mental health of your employees should be top of mind during unprecedented times and all the time. The reality is that no one can be at their best professionally if they are not at their best personally. Society has come a long way in recognizing the importance of mental health. Weaving some type of mental health support into your employee benefits plan is more important now than ever. 

Flexible Paid Time Off
As the world shifts to living life at a slower pace with an emphasis on health, both mental and physical, it’s important that employees have benefits that support this. One way is by building in more flexibility  in your paid time off policy. Removing the sick day limit and normalizing mental health days are smart policy adjustments that prioritize employee health and wellbeing.

Looking to make some adjustments to your employee benefits plan? At HRO Resources we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Your business is unique and your benefits should be too. Get a quote or compare benefits quotes today.

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