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Looking Beyond the Resume: Tips for Hiring

When recruiting, you’re obviously looking to hire the ideal candidate for the role. But what about the ideal candidate for the team? These may be two different people. Below are a few interviewing tips for managers or recruiters to help you go deeper than just education and work experience.

Three things to look for outside of basic requirements:

1. How does the candidate’s personality fit with your team?

Personality is huge, especially if you’re hiring for a company, team or industry that takes pride in their collaborative environment. Talk to the team ahead of time and understand exactly what qualities they are looking for. Do they need someone who is outgoing and creative? Reserved and structured? Having a team that works well together makes all the difference when it comes to productivity and workplace satisfaction.

2. Do they have a desire to learn?

Perhaps the candidate doesn’t have the precise experience you’re looking for. But, are they eager and able to learn quickly? Do they have the desire and ability to learn more about the role and grow within the company? Because of the speed of change within the economy, the ability to learn and adapt has become extremely important. These qualities may often outweigh that extra year or two of experience. 

3. What are their career goals and aspirations?

You want an employee who is invested in the company and has a desire to grow within her role. Long term goals reveal a lot about a candidate –  they show what drives or motivates that person.

Just remember you’re hiring a person, not a piece of paper. Look beyond the resume.

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