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Unique Employee Benefits That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

When it comes to attracting talent, it’s important that your company has competitive employee benefits. Employee benefits packages with unique employee benefits not only do a great job of attracting talent, they’re also a great way to retain talent. Having solid employee benefits packages is one way of showing that your business cares about its employees and their lives outside of the office. 

Here are just a few examples of unique employee benefits to take your benefits packages to the next level:

Community Involvement
Today, there is a much larger emphasis put on company values and corporate responsibility. One way to incorporate employees into your community involvement is through employee benefits. Set up a donation program, or give extra personal time specifically for volunteering. 

Parental Leave
Parental leave has become a bare minimum benefit, so one way to improve employee benefits packages is to expand on your parental leave program. Companies are starting to provide paid time off for any parent of the child, encompassing birth and adoption. 

Members of the LGBTQ+ community may encounter medical costs others don’t such as transgender medications and surgeries. Another common practice is In Vitro Fertility Treatment. If your company already covers In Vitro, it’s important to make sure it is not limited to complications, making it accessible to LGBTQ+ employees.

Fitness/Childcare Reimbursement
Employee benefits are often only there to cover medical needs or medical emergencies, which for most is not daily. One way to stand out is to help employees with things that are a part of their everyday life. Oftering reimbursement on things like childcare or gym memberships is a great way to stand out.

Tuition Assistance Program
A tuition assistance program is a huge incentive for early career professionals, but is not limited to this group. With student loans piling up and the cost of higher education only getting more expensive, a tuition assistance program will not only bring in new talent, but it will retain it. 

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