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Why Your Company Needs an Elevator Pitch for Employees

By now, you probably have your own personal elevator pitch down to an art: who you are, what your background is and what your goals are. It’s simple when it’s about yourself, but how do you translate this to something larger than you, like a company? 

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a quick summary of a person, product or company, that can be delivered in 60 second or less (aka the average length of an elevator ride).

In a way, it’s a scripted first impression – something that will spark the listeners interest and leave them with a desire to learn more.

Why would a company need an elevator pitch for their employees?

Whether you’re recruiting or retaining, it’s important for employees to feel connected to their company and to the company culture. One way to communicate company culture to employees is through an elevator pitch. 

Similar to an employee value proposition, a company elevator pitch is meant to focus potential and current employees as to why they want to work at your company. It can be used externally – at career fairs, included in job postings, or mentioned during interviews. It can also be used internally, by leadership at town halls or in employee communications. 

A good company elevator pitch should answer three questions:

1. Why was the company started?

This helps employees feel connected to the history of the company and understand the larger purpose that they’re contributing too. 

2. What values does the company stand for?

Similar to understanding the purpose of the company, employees want to know what the company stands for to ensure that it aligns with their beliefs. When a company has strong values it creates a brand personality employees can take pride in and identify with.

3. How are employees able to make an impact?

It’s important for employees to feel that they are needed and that their work is making a difference for the company. A company is nothing without its employees, but what is it that your company values most about them?

By answering these three questions, your elevator pitch now serves as a perfect snapshot into what it’s like to work at your company. Company culture can be illustrated through more than just an elevator pitch. It is seen in how your leadership presents themselves, in employee engagement, branding and more. 

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