Tips for Building Company Culture Remotely

5 Tips for Building Company Culture Remotely

How do you build company culture remotely?

To build company culture remotely you will have to get creative. Separating your work and home life isn’t always easy when you’re working from home. A large part of building company culture remotely is helping employees create a clear separation. When work becomes isolating and mundane that is when the line gets a bit blurry. 

Stay engaged, stay in touch and stay positive with these 5 Tips for Building Company Culture Remotely:

1. Survey Your Employees
A great way to begin building a company culture is to understand what the current company culture is. One way to do this is through an employee engagement survey. Company culture, while malleable, does tend to naturally form with or without influence from the business and its leaders. If you’re looking to build a company culture remotely, it’s best to build upon what is already there.

2. Launch or Utilize Company Wide Intranets
While the demand for it is stronger, large businesses are not the only ones who can benefit from a company wide intranet. Normally a “smaller” business with a few thousand employees would have no need; but given the odd circumstances of today a company wide intranet could be the key to connecting your employees during this remote working period. 

3. Host Virtual Events
Zoom meetings can get old, but there are tons of ways to make Zoom fun! Hosting events at the end of the work day such as a happy hour, trivia, or bingo where you can create a theme or give away prizes. There are also more productive events you can host during lunch such as a meditation class, an informational seminar, or a Q&A panel with leadership.

4. Send a Weekly Newsletter
If an intranet is out of budget, a weekly newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with employees. Through newsletter communications you’re able to deliver news about the business, promote virtual events, and pass along health and wellness tips to assure your employees that while they are remote they are not alone.

5. Engage Your Leadership Team
Company culture flows from the top down as people look up to and mirror the behaviors exhibited by leadership. If you’re trying to build a company culture, remote or not, having your leadership engaged and on board is something that can make or break the initiative. 

Building company culture is a process, it isn’t something that happens overnight. As long as you have the right attitude and are in tune with what your employees want and need, you’re bound to succeed.

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