Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z in the Workplace: What Do Gen Zers Want?

There’s a new generation in town, and employers need to start preparing for them. Gen Z is beginning to enter the workplace, and they have different expectations than previous generations. What do Gen Zers want from their jobs? How can employers attract and retain this up-and-coming generation?

Gen Zers are the newest addition to the workforce, and employers are still trying to figure out what they want and how to appeal to them. While there are some similarities between Gen Zers and millennials, there are also some key differences.

Who Are Gen Zers?

Born between 1995 and 2010, Gen Zers are digital natives who have never known a world without the internet. They are also the most diverse generation yet, with over 40% identifying as a minority.

Gen Zers are ambitious and entrepreneurial, and they want jobs that offer opportunities for creativity and personal growth. They crave constant feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their skills. And since they’ve grown up in a world of instant gratification, they want fast results and immediate feedback on their work.

Employers need to be aware of these traits if they want to attract and retain Gen Z talent. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Offer Opportunities for Creativity and Personal Growth

Gen Zers want jobs that offer opportunities for creativity and personal growth. They want to be able to express themselves creatively and contribute their own ideas. They also want opportunities to learn new skills and grow professionally. Employers can create these opportunities by offering training programs, mentorship programs, and other development opportunities.

Provide Fast Results and Immediate Feedback

Since Gen Zers are used to getting immediate feedback on their work, employers need to be prepared to provide it. This means setting clear expectations at the outset, providing timely feedback, and celebrating successes quickly. It also means being willing to give corrective feedback when needed – but doing so in a way that is constructive and helpful.

Be Flexible and Adaptable

Gen Zers are known for being adaptable, so employers need to be prepared for change. They may not be interested in staying in one job for very long, so be prepared to offer them new challenges and opportunities frequently. They may also prefer a more flexible work schedule, so be prepared to offer them options such as telecommuting or flexible hours.

Face-to-Face Communication Focus

Even though Generation Z grew up with texting and instant messages, studies show that they prefer to speak face-to-face in the workplace. This could be because they find the nuances of written communication difficult to interpret and would rather have the reassurance that comes with personal interaction.

Less Focus on Team Environments

Team environments are not a problem for Gen Z, but many young employees prefer to work on individual projects as much as possible. By working independently, Gen Zers are able to showcase their skills and abilities as a way to prove themselves to employers.

Implement New Technologies

Gen Zers are comfortable using technology and want workplaces that are technologically advanced. Make sure your workplace has the latest software, apps, and tools Gen Zers need to be productive. Generation Z is used to smartphones and relies heavily on productivity apps in the workplace. Employers who are aware of this should use apps that work best on mobile devices.

Support Sustainability Initiatives

Gen Zers care about the environment and want employers who share their values on sustainability. Promote recycling programs, energy conservation measures, and other sustainable initiatives in your workplace.

Offer Competitive Compensation Package

Gen Zers grew up during a time of recession and uncertainty. As a result, they are more pragmatic and career-oriented than their predecessors. They want a job that can provide them with financial stability and opportunities for growth. They value the stability that comes from having a predictable job with a clearly defined compensation package.

Gen Zers are poised to make a big impact in the workplace. As they enter into the workforce, employers need to be aware of what this generation wants and how they can best recruit and retain them. 

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