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Startup Life: Recruiting Your First Few Hires

In the early days of your startup, each move you make is crucial for the growth of the company. A huge step in the process is recruiting. Maybe you began your startup with a co-founder or you brought one in early on. Either way, the trust you have in your co-founder is the same level of trust and commitment that you need in your first few hires. Employees 1 through 5 will set the tone for company culture. 

Recruiting your first few employees should be done quickly and correctly. Check out these quick tips on hiring for startups.

1. Test them on their skills.

Normally, in the early stages of a startup, your team is going to be stretched thin. Like any hire, the first few hires have to be competent for their specific job. However, they also need to be flexible, move quickly, and not be perturbed by lack of structure. When interviewing, find a way to test their skills and personality traits. This could be with a situational question or a hands-on assignment. You need to find a way to assess if they have the skills and traits to succeed in this role…in a startup.

2. Get the team involved.

A startup environment is different from a large corporation, it’s like a family! With everyone working together so closely, it’s important that everyone gets along. To avoid any issues, introduce your strongest candidate to the team. Making this the last step in the interview process is the perfect way to confirm that you’ve found the perfect hire. 

3. Check all your legal boxes.

The last thing a budding startup needs is a lawsuit, or any legal issues for that matter. Conduct a background check and  ensure that your company is legally protected. Have contracts in place that have been reviewed and approved by trusted lawyers, whether they be your Employment Agreements or Confidentiality Agreements that you have each employee sign. 

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